Konstantin Totibadze


1969 Born in Tbilisi.
1985–1988 Studies at the Moscow Art College (named in memory of 1905 Revolution)
1988 Studies at the Art College named in memory of Y. Nikoladze, Tbilisi
1989–1991 Studies at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.
Studies under the tutelage of Dmitry Ivanovich Khamin,
Georgy Alexi-Meskhishvili and Georgy Konstantinovich Totibadze.
Works are in the Moscow State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and private collections.

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Arbeiten Öl auf Leinwand

Selected groupe exhibitions:

1989 Stiks, Moscow
1990 Hosp Gallery, Innsbruck, Austria
1992 «I, Gogi and Anderen», Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995 «Russian Artists», UNESCO, Paris
1996 «Gallery in Gallery», Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow
1996 «Midsummer Night’s Dream», Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow
1997 ArtManezh, Moscow
1998 «Russian Artists», Diana Gallery, Washington, USA
1998 «Art Saloon», Central House of Artists, Moscow
2000 ArtManezh, Moscow
2002 ArtManezh, Moscow
2003 ArtManezh, Moscow
2004 ArtManezh, Moscow
2004 «Art Party», Yakut Gallery, Moscow
2005 «Baroque Party», Yakut Gallery, Moscow
2005 «Gourmaniada», ARTPLAY, Moscow
2006 ArtManezh, Moscow
2006 ArtMoscow, VP Studio, Moscow
2008 ArtManezh, Moscow
2013, 2014 Auctions Phillips, New York — London — New York
2015 «Ode to food», PROUN Gallery, Moscow
2016 «Space 7» Totibadze Gallery, Moscow
2017 «PEACE LOVE AND LIGHT» Kunstraum Dreieich, Frankfurt
2018 «The world is something flat, or not …» ART / OF GALLERY, Offenbach am Main

Personal exhibitions:

1993 «Painting», Central House of Artists, Moscow
1994 «Painting», L’evenements de jeudi magazine, Paris
1996 «Painting», L. Brook Gallery, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1999 «Painting», Oriental Gallery, Moscow
2001 «Painting», King Galley, Berkeley, USA
2006 «Painting», VP Studio, Moscow
2007 «The Gardens of Eden», VP Studio, Moscow
2009 «Painting», Atlas Group Gallery, Moscow
2010 «Painting», Atlas Group Gallery, Moscow
2016 «Vazisubani», Totibadze Gallery, Moscow
2018 «Na Dache (In the Country)», Totibadze Gallery, Moscow

2012–2013 Phillips Auction

2004 G. Totibadze, K. Totibadze, N. Gomiashvili, M. Cervetti. Gourmaniada. Italia. — Moscow: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 2004.
2008 G. Totibadze, K. Totibadze, N. Gomiashvili. Georgia. First, second and third. — Moscow: Afisha Industries, 2008.
2009 G. Totibadze, K. Totibadze. Painting. — Moscow: Atlas Art Gallery, 2009.
2012 G. Totibadze, K. Totibadze. Landscape. — Moscow: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, 2012. 2016 Konstantin Totibadze. — Tver, «Pareto-Print», 2016.

1996 The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow
2013 MMoMA, Moscow